Tecmeout is dedicated to offering a great level of experience to the customers. We passionately did this by providing state-of-the-art technology products and electronic devices. As part of our dedication and commitment to help the clients with their needs, we provided this page to answer all their questions. Take time to read our FAQs so your questions about our company, product, service and other related issues will be answered.

  1. To whom you provide your products?
    Everyone is free to buy our technology products though we are specialized and known as a good provider in the education sectors and other commercial sectors. We can even provide units for the office and home use
  2. Are my credit data secure?
    Yes, we guarantee every customer who makes a payment transaction with us. Our servers are secured by the DigiCert SSL encryption. We do not store any of your credit data or financial information such as credit card numbers and CVV numbers.
  3. How can I buy an item from Tecthisout?
    You can shop with us by buying online. Simply browse our items and place them in the cart. The availability of the orders and the time of delivery will depend on your location. For more information about this, you can contact our customer service hotline.
  4. Do you provide tracking information?
    After the orders are sent out, we will then provide a tracking number to give you a chance to effectively track the delivery until it reaches your doorsteps.
  5. Why my tracking number doesn’t work?
    We are providing tracking numbers at the time the order leaves the warehouse. In some cases, the tracking numbers will not appear before our carriers have any chance to make an initial scanning to the packages. For an Express Shipping, the delay will usually take one business day and for the airmail packages, delays may be up to three working days. After the instance of the delays in the respective days, the tracking numbers will soon appear and work.
  6. Do you handle the shipping paperwork?
    Minor mistakes on paperwork on the international parcels may cause an annoying delay or unnecessary extra charges on the customs. With this, our shipping team ensures that all things are handled effectively and efficiently. We accurately filled in for smooth delivery to the destinations the package will be delivered. Whether it would be delivered to the local locations or to remote places, our team will ensure that the job is done right.
  7. How do you ship the orders?
    How the products are shipped to your destination will depend on you. Just choose which shipping option is suited to you needs, including Express Air Couriers, Ail Mail, Sea Freight, Ex-Works, Bulk Air Freight
  8. What if I cannot find my question on this page about your products and services?
    You can call us through our hotline or send your message via email. Using those channels, you can connect with us. As much as possible, for the emails, we will give responses within 24 hours. Call us and our team will be more than ready to serve you.


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